About Arsenal Gaming

Arsenal Gaming was established in 2001 with the notion to help provide the best quality gaming accessories; at the most affordable pricing. We have kept our reputation as that and have grown to one of the industry’s leading gaming manufacturer. We have full line of products ranging from cables (HDMI, USB, etc.), chargers, controllers, kits and many other consumer products. As our brand grew, so did our image and customer base. Our e-commerce business has grown and we have placement in many chain stores across the states.

As of 2014 we officially launched our new Arsenal Gear line. This is to cater to anything other than gaming i.e. (mobile, speakers, headsets, electronic merchandise). We still have that same philosophy when we started the company in 2001, “great quality products, affordable pricing”. With that in mind I would like to introduce the line and establish a business relationship with your company.

Arsenal Gaming Inc.

16119 Cohasset St.
Van Nuys, CA. 91406

For Sales: Allen@arsenalgaming.com
For information and support: Support@arsenalgaming.com or Click Here